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Symposium Presenters

Melek Karimova

Melek Karimova, a distinguished Psychologist, Professor, and Mediator, is a prominent figure in academic and mental health leadership in Azerbaijan. Beginning her Psychology journey at Hacettepe University in Turkey, she later served as a Psychologist at Ankara Özel Arý Fén Lyceum.

Joining Khazar University in 2012, Melek has held pivotal roles, including Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and Coordinator of the Department of Psychology. In 2016, she founded the Khazar Psychological Center, where she serves as Director.

Actively engaged in providing social-psychological services to students, Melek organizes diverse training sessions, seminars, and conferences focused on mental health support. Pursuing her Doctorate at Khazar University, she earned recognition as the "Specialist of the Year" among health professionals in 2018.

Internationally, Melek actively contributes to projects like the “Integration of Students with Disabilities into Higher Education Institutions” and leads the Center for Students with Disabilities. As a representative for Azerbaijan in the I.M.D.A.T. initiative, she is recognized as an International Mediator.

An accomplished author, Melek co-wrote "Social Psychology" and authored "Fundamentals of Therapeutic Communication," serving as invaluable resources and guides for psychology students. Her commitment to inclusivity, mediation, and mental health advocacy, along with numerous academic publications and media appearances, underscores her expanding impact in shaping the psychology landscape.

Learn more about Melek here.

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